Morph suited acrobats! Handstand on heads

"Thank you for all your help this weekend for the King’s Cross carnival, you were by far our most popular act and the crowd loved you! Your performance, humour and charisma really lifted and made the event, it was very, very much appreciated." - Rebecca Harmer (Network Rail)

"You were by far the best and most thoroughly entertaining act of the British Chamber of Commerce Annual Ball in Hong Kong. You guys are brilliantly hilarious and so incredibly talented. I absolutely *loved* your performance!! As did many other ladies that evening, I'm sure. ;)" - Melissa (RBS)

"On behalf of all those who attended our Reunion Dinner on the 18 September 2010 in this 150th anniversary of the Army Physical Training Corps I am writing to express our appreciation for your contribution which ensured it was a memorable occasion to celebrate this milestone in our history. I have received numerous complimentary letters commenting on your performance which was integral in making the evening a great success. Your show was breathtaking and as the majority of the audience have a gymnastic background the gasps of admiration from the very knowledgeable audience is indeed a compliment of the highest order. Thanks again for your contribution and making the evening very special"
- Lieutenant Colonel (MAA) G B Jones - Army School of Physical Training

"She wanted me particularly to thank you guys who were the stars of the show and the best thing in the whole event." - Tony MacDonnell (Prima Artists)

"They make the daring young man of yesteryear look like a quivering coward" - The Daily Star

"Just got squished in a man hug by the circus strongmen at Kings Cross!! I heart muscles and moustaches!" - @oh_boy46

"A MASSIVE thank you to The Strongmen for last night. You did a fantastic job! Loving those moustaches boys!" - Alex Hogg (Big Hand People)

"Just wanted to say thank you for Friday - you were both great I especially liked the strong men, swinging trapeze element." - Zoe Ryan (Zoe Ryan Artists)

Witness the skill of our vivacious, victorious, Victorian strong men. Moustache!